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November 29 2005

Okay so I'm officially hooked on phusebox! I think its especially neato since it was started and is ran (I presume) but someone from right here in little old M'boro. So its mostly local people, which is neat too.

The dilemma: What to ask for for Christmas!!

Its that time of year and believe it or not, I have a harder time knowing that to ask for than knowing what to buy for whom. Don't get me wrong, I stress over the 'who wants what' too but I really don't know how to answer "What do you want?" I'm just not a "I want, I want" type person. So tell me, what does everyone else want this year, what are you fellow 'phusebox-ers' asking for, for Christmas?!? Let me in on it and maybe give me an idea or two.

More Later - MEW

Nathan Moore

November 30 2005
video iPod.

Carla Simpson

November 30 2005
haha nathan....i am so stoked that you are hooked on phusebox! i feel that i should take a little bit of the credit ;) we should do something tomorrow....what does your schedule look like?