you have GOT to kidding

June 11 2007

you kids, i swear to god...


a free trip to six flags where you miss class to go around with your friends at a theme park? i swear if you can't appreciate that because the theme park "isn't good enough" then youve got to be spoiled rotten.


honestly, when i was in high school (hell, even now), i would've KILLED for a chance to stop my daily routine to go ANYWHERE, especially a theme park. how you people manage to be incabable of appreciating this kind of thing is beyond just don't understand how freaking good you have it.


June 11 2007
Well, I had a lot of fun. I'm really grateful for all the fun stuff our principal gave us in middle school. Really glad that now I'm going to high school, I won't get any of that.

laura harbin

June 23 2007
hey.......haven't talked in a long time....whats been going on with you??? do you still remember me?? yeah well i have changed a whole lot......thanks to people from my church!! i deleted my myspace cuz i was getting kinda bored from it....yeah well imma go now.........please reply back or give me a call!!! 615-556-1156 you friend Laura Beth