hello. my name is Jerry.

October 18 2005
ten points to the person who can guess the origin of the title of this entry.

moving on: this is my new site. hopefully it won't piss me off the way myspace does or fill itself with useless chatter and blog quizzes the way xanga does. i'm always looking for a better blog.

points of interest:
--me and ML: 7.5 months
--just quit a job today
--might start playing for keeps at the pool hall (playing guitar and pool both)
--apartment viewing apointment at 2PM tomorrow
--ML ACT saturday, hopefully helping her study friday
--ML variety show thursday
--tonight i'm asking off work for every night i want off for the next six months (i work third shift grocery stocking at walmart upon rutherford)

other websites of interest:
--xanga: www.xanga.com/michael_burton
--music: www.purevolume.com/michaelburton
--music newx: www.burtonmusicnews.tk

goodbye everybody.

Nick Hawkins

October 18 2005
Well hello there. Wow 7 1/2 months. Thats crazy. Congratulations

Kelly Jo

October 20 2005
hey. did you quit the print shop job? well, i hear you never get any sleep, so it's probably for the best lol. cya later