October 03 2005
hey hey!!! 2day is my 17th birthday!!!! yaahhhh...earlier michael came over and gave me the most awesome pair of gold stilettos : )!!!!!!!!!!! and 2 gossip girls books, and a stuffed lorax (from dr. suess)
then i met my dad for lunch and went to target and came home and made cupcakes!!!! well im off bye...

Kelly Jo

October 04 2005

Rebekah Minor

October 07 2005
oh my gosh! i didnt know mary lane had a phusebox! i love you! yes, and hope you had fun on fall break!

Nick Hawkins

October 16 2005

Michael Burton

October 17 2005
hey baby...i've succombed to the craxe and gotten one of these new sites...oh well - myspace.com got old a long time ago, and i need someplace new to host my pictures...good choice! anyway, it's late, and i promised you i'd sleep, so goodnight sweetie. love, toppy