Confrontation of Pessimist and Optimist.

August 10 2006

hmmm. went through some of my old notebooks the other day. found this. wrote it last year in 9th. thought it might be nice to get some feedback since only one person has read it. and comment. or dont. do whatever.


Confrontation of Pessimist and Optimist.

"How do you partake in such obscenities?" he asked.
"Scars breed on the soft skin that hugs your kneecaps,
And you are getting wrinkles in the creases of a beautiful face I once loved.
Dark bags are even beginning to hang from bloodshot eyes.
Tell me now Lover, how does it feel to know that your beauty and youth are detoriating even as we speak?
Every step you take brings you closer to the end,
And every breath brings you nearer to polluted lungs.
Stop tapping your toe now before there is no song left to sing!"

"Hush," she said.
"The scars are from falling, but no harm ever came from trying.
The wrinkles are from laughing; always remember to enjoy the small things.
I have bags for life is too short and splendorous to close one's eyes.
Tell me Lover, how does it feel to not know you let life pass you by in oblivion?
Life is a waltz.
Sometimes you fall, but you have to keep on dancing,
For you cannot have ever truly lived without failing.
Keep on breathing until the end and you won't have a thing to regret."
And with that she continued on with her dancing.


August 10 2006
mmm i like it


August 10 2006


August 11 2006
Beautiful! Beautiful! Bravissimo!