woah, i love the band kids.

July 26 2006

SapphireBow (9:56:37 PM): I can't wait to feel a rifle's touch again
XxNyCxLoVexX (9:56:46 PM): but first
XxNyCxLoVexX (9:56:51 PM): ur going to give me
XxNyCxLoVexX (9:56:53 PM): my cd back
SapphireBow (9:57:03 PM): don't interupt my dream sequence
XxNyCxLoVexX (9:57:13 PM): give me my cd back
SapphireBow (9:57:19 PM): "and the clouds opened up
XxNyCxLoVexX (9:57:24 PM): I WANT MY CD
SapphireBow (9:57:32 PM): and God placed a rifle in Danny's hands

SapphireBow (9:57:51 PM): and he said, 'Spin, my son.'
SapphireBow (9:58:18 PM): And then the earth opened up
SapphireBow (9:58:26 PM): and Stephanie came from Hell
SapphireBow (9:58:32 PM): and she demanded her CD
XxNyCxLoVexX (9:58:39 PM): UR SO MEAN!!
arsonisticeweasl (9:58:54 PM): lol!
mestupkid309 (9:58:55 PM): i am crying.

danny ray you are too funny.


July 26 2006
that's hilarious!