oh my. it's the end of the year.

May 16 2006

yeah, so this year went by so incredibly fast.

i figured that i better start wrapping things up into my yearly end of year blog, but this years would have been so long i figured i'd just put it into a few blogs.

yeah. so i've learned so much this year.

and number one that sticks out is never allow anyone to become your everything because they might not be here the next day, and then what do you have?

the answer is nothing.

and that's exactly what i felt inside.

just....don't. life is too short to sit around and mope so get your sorry asses up and have some fun.

number two...friends really do become family. i dont think this year would have been half as great without my friends.

three....you really can get abs by laughing.

the cause? usually too much spare time spent with a few good friends and large amounts of caffiene.


how do you deal when you care about someone who doesn't care about you back?

i mean, i like him, but obviously he doesn't return those feelings.

i dont even know if he knows.

how do you tell someone you never get to see anymore that you care for them?

he's graduating this year.

time is running out.

for what?

i dont even know.

i expect too much out of life...


May 17 2006
I disagree with what you said about not letting someone become your everything. I think that there is a certain limit for people who you're not sure if the like you or not, but there is always that quote: "It is better to have loved and lost, than to never loved at all." If anything, liking someone teaches patience, tolerance, compassion, and reliance. These are very great qualities to have. Danny