May 08 2006



May 10 2006
i like the blueberry ones!


May 16 2006
hey ok first off dont be pessimistic about next year we WILL be fine weve pull through aot bigger hits and weve made it just fine. as for DM for next year i dont know but i will leave you these hints the BDs are picking 2 my reasoning says one senior and one underclassmen so they know what there doing next year. ok heather is doing well but she isnt as agressive as others. cassidy is good and was a asistand DM last year. i am (not being cocky) doing well and have a deep desire and drive for the position. ari is trying really hard but doubts herself too much. you decide lol sry about the letter... whatever happens next year it will be fun and wonderful cause thats the way the oakland band rolls much love -milly