who i am hates who i've been

March 28 2006

so...things are going pretty great.

the band trip was simply amazing but i'm still recovering from a lack of sleep these past few months.

i have decided that guys are pretty ok after all.

but why does God make them so dern confusing?

but i do like the way they smile, the way they smell (well, some of them), the way they laugh, the way they fidget when they get nervous, the way they look all scared right before you chop their heads off with a huge machete.

(just kidding about that last one)

so there's this one kid.

yeah, he's pretty special...

i've known him for a long time but only recently have i been talking to him.

found out he even liked me during middle school when i liked him too...we were just too shy to admit it.

and then he said "it's not too late".


so we are hanging out later this week.


somebody call me or something!

spring break is boring!

Andrew ?

March 28 2006
my mom decided to pull a fast one and go to walmart before kroger to get food and other stuff. how many pics did you take? this is going to cost me an arm and a leg to get these printed. Andrew

Andrew ?

March 29 2006
i havent printed them yet, idk if i can do anything today i got to work for my uncle, he is susposed to call me today and tell me what time to be there, Andrew

Andrew ?

March 29 2006
what do you want to do? and what time, elizabeth wants to do something also what time would be good 4 U ? Andrew

Andrew ?

March 29 2006
anthony's? idk i doubt i can Andrew

Andrew ?

March 31 2006
i ran across that radio station online and they sounded awesome Andrew


April 02 2006
*gasp* its holly!

Cari Jennings

April 02 2006
thanks Holly! you're a wonderful person too. the trip was way cool. how was your Spring break?


April 30 2006
holly holly yes marching band needs to get here fast i miss it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to see what kind of freshmen we get. i hope they are hardworking and determined !