how did he get up there?

March 26 2006

so the band trip rocked harder than anything!!!

i'll put pics up later, but my camera conked out halfway throught the trip so i didn't get many pics.

and i've been talking to a guy i liked pretty much all through middle school and i just found out that he like me too, we were just to shy to admit it to each other during middle school.


talk about an akward conversation.

anyway, i'm really sleepy and i'm super glad that everyone had awesome yet safe time in nyc.

(it's crazy there!)

and it really is true that you can stand on one street corner and see like....two, three starbucks.

screw disney world, new york is the happiest place in the world!'s some pics from the trip.

and yes. i spilt coffee all in ari's shoes.


March 26 2006
flippin sweet

Andrew ?

March 26 2006
that was a really funny, Andrew

Andrew ?

March 27 2006
where are you getting them printed at? i am going to kroger maybe here in a little while. Andrew