i look around and i realize.....i've never been happier.

March 18 2006

yeah, so i just got back from the yaws thing at oakland. the skits were cheesy but they were fun. i guess...

i really wanna do drama next year. and art. and photography. and....well, there's just not enough time in high school to do everything i want to.

but anyway, things are going pretty great lately. i don't even miss him at all anymore. lately i have noticed what nincompoops guys are and who really needs them anyway, but apparently we do because i've got my eye on a couple and if you haven't noticed who yet then you are just either really stupid or don't spend much time around me.

you know, only lately have i stepped back and enjoyed high school. the first half was fun, don't get me wrong, just not like it is now.

i always took time out to do stuff with him, but he would always back out at the last minute saying he had to go to his mom's and other various bullshit.

i'm just glad i didn't waste more time than i did.

never again will i be so blind as to allow a guy to blow me off and waste my time.

i won't take anymore bullshit.

but despite everything, i look around and i really truly realize that i've never been happier...


March 19 2006
im happy for you! i don't really know you BUT THAT'S OK! im glad that you're not gonna take anymore crap from guys...they aren't much help anywayz.. :)

Chris Slate,

March 20 2006
which walmart... what was i carryin??... i was goin to a party saturday so yeah... u mighta seen me carryin somethin else... oops... tehe

Donald Allen

March 22 2006
Being happy is good.....