March 01 2006

I don't think i'm going to do Lent this year.

I don't think its a really big statement to just give up something for one measly little month and then go back to the horrible people we were before.

the point to this is to make us remember the sacrifice God made for us right?

well, i think that's something that should  be remembered and honoured all year long and not just for one pathetic month of the year.

when i look around at the people who do participate in Lent, they don't say anything about Jesus or anything. They just whine and complain that they can't eat their candy bar or whatever it was that they gave up.

i'm trying to be a better person and i'm trying to not be cynical all the time.

i must say, these past 2 weeks have been happier than most.

I'm going to stop doing what my church asks me to do and i'm going to do what God asks me to do.

And isn't it that He wants us to love other people regaurdless of race, gender, social status, sexual preference, and any other pathetic reason to hate other people?

I dunno...there's just a lot of politics and hipocrasy in churches lately.

and i just can't see such a loving, gracious God asking for something so stupid.

I think what He really wants (and what we really need to do) is for us to love other people.

i'm sorry if i offended anyone.

I''m just putting my thoughts out into the open and i don't think we are being the people we should be...

Marshall Gillikin

March 07 2006
yeah that's me. The show starts at 7:30 but doors open at 7 so I guess it kinda depends on when you want to get there. But we'll start playing around 7:30....later. -Marshall