so this is starting over...

February 19 2006

well, another blogring to waste my life away upon.  when will the madness stop?

well, i guess i'm starting over.

and not just with a new blogring...i mean in my life too.

when  tyler broke up with me, i took a step back and i realized that i didn't like the person i have become.

i'm too cynical, too distrusting, too negative.

but im changing that.

sure, it hurts, but the Lord works in funny ways.

ending a almost year long relationship is the worst feeling in the world, but it's changed my life.

it's taught me to live life to the fullest and never hold back.

you have to keep trusting, keep laughing, keep breathing.

you can't ever just give up.

i was trying to play it safe; i didn't want any pain, but now i realize that the pain and excitement and risks are what make life fun.

when i die and i'm watching my life flash before my eyes, i want to be able to smile and say i had a blast and i wouldn't have it any other way.

i don't want to lead a boring life just because i couldn't trust anyone.

God always has you on your toes.

you just have to trust Him.

so, i guess this is starting over...


February 19 2006
::cries:: i found a nother blog ring for you but that was one good entry. <3's ::+::Chelsey::+::


February 19 2006
Mhm.. Deep. if you took that pic for your profile. its amazing <3


February 19 2006
Hm . no. but i saw your pic and decided to comment. thx <3


February 19 2006
mmhum Taintedxheart he he ::+::Chelsey::+::


February 23 2006
dizzang its holly!