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September 11 2005
no one ever puts a remark on my box

i give up

but i will still write in it

it's just boring when no one writes something for u to read

please remark i can read what u have to say



September 07 2005
Today i started out just great in the middle of my shower I looked down and saw a lizard, in my shower was on my foot! Then I put it in a cup with a little hot wheels car in it ...then a few minutes latter i looked back in the cup and i didn't see i picked up the car and it was on the bottom of the car....and it jumped on me and fell off it was very scary i screamed well loud.. and I'm not the kind of person that is scared of lizards..then i threw up this morning and still went to school..and in L/A class there was a spider in the class on the ground about 5 inches in length it was "huge" i put my feet up on my chair then i looked back at were the spider was sitting and it wasn't there then i looked under my desk and there it was as big as my hand if not bigger ..i screamed then jumped ......spiders well..scare me ..then my teacher killed it ..and then i felt bad that she killed it...and then i got milk all over my shirt at lunch ...but over all it was an okay day... :)


September 06 2005
I would like to live in Halloween Town from Nightmare Before Christmas

you could be friends with your fears, be dead and still live, sad things would be happy things

......I just like that place :)


September 05 2005
thats sparkle the first day I got her

i love my profile picture


September 05 2005
how do you get a profile picture


September 05 2005
dued i don't get this phuse box thing