February 13 2006
sorry for everything. this is mainly for the one person i know will read it. i never thought things would gothe way that they did i really hope things work themselves out. i love you. your still my favorite valentine. forever and for always... 

Randy Rodden

February 19 2006
Awe I forgive you!! and I love you to!

Randy Rodden

February 20 2006
You are one of the cutest girls I've ever laid my eyes on!

Chris Slate,

February 21 2006
sunday night wasnt as much fun for me... i LOVED seeing you... and being with you was so much fun... but ill be honest... it hurt... you know what happened... and it played me... i love you so much... and for you to do that knowing that i wanted you back... that really hurt... i want you to be happy... and i know i told you that if stuart made you happy that i wanted you with him... but honestly... i wish i had you... i miss holding your hand... i miss your 3 in the morning calls just to tell me a bed time story that you woke me up for... i miss kissing you in the rain at your church, or waiting for you at your locker just to get a hug... i miss you lauren... and im glad to see you happy... i really really am... i just wish i could make you happy :( ... i love you lauren... i really do...

kaitlin gay

March 02 2006
well HEY!!! iiii love you =)

Eric Renfroe

March 18 2006
hey whats up