December 13 2005

hmmmm.... just dont ask.... i LOVE addie baker!

399 days till pure bliss...

Jessica Hunter

December 13 2005
hey lauren its Jessica Chris's friend. yeah i saw ur phusebox on Chris's so i decided to stop by && say hey. ttyl Jessica <3


December 15 2005
I won't ask and you won't tell. Lol

Chris Slate,

December 16 2005
well ur one strange kid... and about ur comment... i love you 2


January 24 2006
i love LJ!! <3333333333333 AHHHH LOL

kaitlin gay

February 09 2006
well HELLO lauren johnson! i havent talked to you in forever! i miss you in volleyball =) hope you have had a wonderful week-looooove you!! &hearts;kaitlin