December 10 2006

i have never really been broken over lost people. but tonight, something hit my heart really hard. i was at my church's christmas production. the skit was mostly about a family. the mother and kids were excited about getting to go caroling and going to their church's christmas eve service. the father was not as excited. he had put off writing a song that he had to complete for his job. his mother was preaching to him to try to get him to realize that the christmas song he had to write had to come from his heart. he finally realized and actually understood what his mother was saying. when his family had realized what amazing change had happened in his life, they were overjoyed. i realized that i have so many people around me every single day that are exactly like that. they don't know what they are missing out on. they hear what they need to do from some people, but they don't process it and understand it. God is calling me to witness to everyone around me. i have become so broken over the lost. a few certain people have been laid on my heart. it really hurts me to think about that, if they died tonight, they would not be in heaven. i am so thankful for the amazing gift God has given me, eternal life in paradise. i want everyone to be able to have that and receive that gift. i pray that He will give me the strength and the words to say to help them have the joy in their life that i do.

in Christ, Kate


December 28 2006
I have no idea who you are. but WOW thats FANTASTIC!! Just want to say keep up the FANTASTIC work :)