i'm so blessed...

October 29 2005

last night i spent the night at mary lauren's with her and andrea...
i cant even explain to you how much those girls mean to me. i just can just feel so much love when i am with them--and not only from them, but from God. i just have this feeling that God is smiling down on us while we are together. i think he has something big planned for our friendship... and i really think he is pleased with how much we care about eachother--not only in the emotional aspect of life, but in the spiritual aspect. i am just so thankful to have the friends that i have. life is grand...

dont forget to let God bless your day!

courtney kelley

October 29 2005
you guys are the sweetest girls i've ever met. I'm glad you guys have fun together. See ya tomorrow! -Courtney<33.

Mary Lauren

October 30 2005
amen...couldnt have said it better!

Kristin Elizabeth

October 30 2005
lisa marie is incredible!!!