November 18 2005

Well guys, i'm sick! Strep throat.... yuck! but i will be better hopefully by Monday!  I pray that  my friends don't get it cuz i was at school. It made me mad my mom called the front office and checked me out after 2nd period. but i never got a call from the office saying that i could leave. So.....I stayed until 4th period! It stunk... I had a break down cuz i felt so bad. But anyways..... Hope everyone's week was wonderful!!!


November 18 2005



Indiana/ life

November 15 2005

Hey Guys! It has truly been a while! Anyways, school is going good. My report card wasn't as good as it should be.... I hope i don't get into trouble with that. :-( Our select soccer team went to Indiana for our 1st soccer tournament. We have gained a bunch of new players so we aren't good.......yet!!! We played 3 games and we lost all of them :-( and on top of that we didn't score, but we played the #1 team in the state and the 3 or 4th team too. The 3rd game we played was just plain crap. We  should have won but they had to score........But it was all good cuz i lived there for 4 yrs. and i got to see my old home and stuff. But when we went into our nieghborhood ( ya know the tornado went through Evansville) So we saw that our nighborhood had been hit but our house was ok  so that was cool.

well, talking about birthdays......mine is in like........19 more days~2 weeks and 5 days~456 hours~ 27360 minutes~ and 2736000 seconds~

I can't believe i figured it out but yea that is a bunch of #'s  and a lot of time!

Here are some cool kids in some pictures!

Kelsey Buck and Sydney

Some Cool girls at the mall

Me in some crazy glasses!!!

Me and Rachel!!!

Jenny and the monkey george!

The girls at Bo Bo's!

Bad Fad night!

Me and Garrett! Those Hippies!!


October 29 2005

2004 District Tournament Champions!!!

2005 Regular Season District Champions (7-0)

2005 District Tournament Champions!!!

2005 Region 4 Champions!!!

2005 Sectional Champions!!!

2005 Elite Eight

Go Siegel Girls Soccer!!!!

Go Siegel!!!

Sunday night/Monday morning!!

October 03 2005
Hey guys! well, we are on fall break! We finally get a break from school. Bible Study at rachel's house was great we are going through all the women in the bible and studing them. We talked about Eve last night. It was good. Then, we went to eat at Bo Bo's chinese. It sounds like a barbeque place but it isn't. I cheated and ate with a fork but then i got the hang of the chopsticks which was fun to try out. Just be praying for the people in the gulf where the hurricanes hit, pray that we can be a light in our schools too.
We went to Ami's last night and watched Titanic and Legally Blonde. Those are the classics! We stayed up until like 2. i know it isn't late but we still had fun. We ate cookie dough that abi brought and made herself which was fun too. YUM!!!! Next time we will have to watch Pearl Harbor. i've never seen that so it should be interesting!
I'm not going anywhere for fall break cuz we have a game for soccer on thursday against cookville!!!! Yall should come and watch us play and then we could go get ice cream after or go to sonic!!!
I'm out like a light bulb so catch yall later!!!
lots of love to all my homies out jus chillin' en their crib. have fun~!



August 30 2005
Hey guys! We got out of school!!! Woo Hoo~ heck yes! well nothing is going on so drop me some comments like a hot potato~ lol i make my self laugh so hard