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let it snow, let it snow, let it SNOWWW. ♥

January 18 2006

it snowed tonight. <3

have a wonderful week. <3


January 14 2006

//God I'm in this place again I'm trying so hard not to fall,
but everything keeps coming down with the rain.  And I try so hard I
forget to call.  Everybody's looking around, and everybody wants to be found.  And I'm just hanging on; I give You all that I am.  I come to You with all that I am, I bring to You all that I have, and all I have is nothing, and I keep on trying, and all I want is You.  Everybody's looking around and wants to be found, and I'm just hanging on.  I give You all that I am
And as I sit here in the midst of You, I come to You; I bring You all
that I am.  Everybody's looking around and wants to be found, and I'm
just hanging on.  I give You all that I am. //

ohh my five is gone

December 31 2005
phusebox is back!!

wow this year has been incredible.
so much has changed.
some for the good,
& some for the bad.
i have my license now.
&& a car.
that will make next year so much easier.
i hope.
thanks to all you guys who made me laugh when i needed it most.

i lost someone so close to me.
& didnt think i could go on.
but y'all were there through everything.
thank you. <3

happy new years guys.
what are you doing tonight?

LIVE like you were dying.. &#9829;

December 15 2005

this week has been ok.
no more school for the year.
well for the most part.
& that rocks.
monday was pretty funn.
i have picture to prove it.
you can go comment if ya like =)

yesterday a really awesome guy named thomas, passed away.
he was 16.
he had been suffering from a brain tumor for about 2-3 years.
it amazed me how, through everything, he never gave up,
or lost hope.
He witnessed to EVERYONE he came in contact with..
& lived his life for God.
& ate chocolate like there was no tomorrow. =)
but most importantly, he MADE AN IMPACT.
i think we all could learn from his life.
please pray for his family.
he will be truly missed.


someone sent this to me a few months ago after my mom died.

When I come to the end of the day
And the sun has set for me
I want no rites in a gloom filled room.
Why cry for a soul set free?
Miss me a little, but not too long
And not with your head bowed low.
Remember the love we once shared—
Miss me, but let me go.

For this is a journey we all must take
And each must go alone.

It's all a part of God's plan,
A step on the road to home.
When you are lonely and sick at heart.
Go to the friends we know
And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds –
Miss me, but let me go.

ohhh baby &hearts;

December 03 2005
babidoll277: ; )
Auto response from NoThankYou0: waiting 4 a sexy beast 2 call....  
NoThankYou0: oh baby!
babidoll277: i already called you.
NoThankYou0 returned at 12:17:31 AM.
babidoll277: whoa
NoThankYou0:   i know
NoThankYou0: i 4got 2 take it off
babidoll277: yeah sleep whatever
NoThankYou0: lol
babidoll277: hahaha
babidoll277: check it
babidoll277: aha im stalking you
NoThankYou0: huh?
babidoll277: i dunno
NoThankYou0: my house
Auto response from babidoll277: pee.
babidoll277: lol tht video maks me happy
NoThankYou0 is away at 12:29:52 AM.
NoThankYou0: k, luv you 4ever!     dream about me.    night night
babidoll277: heh of course night <3
Auto response from NoThankYou0: sexing my llama
babidoll277: that still creeps me out
babidoll277: lol
babidoll277: speaking of creepy.. some creepy people are on right now & really scaring me so im getting off too && might.. just MMIGHT go to sleep. ewww weirdos
Auto response from NoThankYou0: sexing my llama

wow that boy makes me laugh. <3

its raining.
&& i hate that.
this weekend has been crazy fun though.
i just wish it wasn't raining...

i got a haircut yesterday.
it looks about the same, just shorter.
& blonderish.

but ohh well.
time for bed.. & i have to call someone backk =)
sweet dreams. <3

should be doing homework...

November 29 2005

( In the last 48 hours) --> BOLD

have u worn the color blue
put chapstick on
asked someone out
made out with your ex
cleaned your room
watched tv
listened to music
hung out with your friends
seen your ex boyfriend/girlfriend

had a fight with your best friend
added a new web log entry to your xanga
chatted to some1on aim
had your favorite color change
had some1 sleepova
read a book
took a picture
went to a club or a dance
cut posters out of a magazine
seen an old friend
put a picture in a picture frame
left your house
spent money
did something nice for some1 else
wore a hat
played a sport
did homework
walked down the stairs
opened your garage doors
played with your pet(s)
washed clothes
went to a movie
played poker or card games
fixed something
wrote a phone number down
won something
checked what time it was
thought about how hot some1 is
called a friend
brushed your teeth
ate something
downloaded something
burned a cd
cooked something
cooked something and burned it
had a laugh attack
ate chocolate
played candy land
drank juice
listened to an ipod
listened to ur fave song
ate ur fave food
watched ur fave movie
got new shoes
went to a carnival
smelled a flower
oganized ur room
gone to a basketball game
had a makeover
did a makeover
made a puppet
bought a boncy ball
had a party
had a dream shot
bought a purse
displayed pictures
played an instrument
thought about easter

i went to Campus Life last night.
ahhh so fun. =)
met & saw lots of awesome people.
hah i think im gonna go next week too.

turkey is good but friends are even better. &#9829;

November 26 2005

so none of my plans this weekend working.
&& that really sucks.
but i did end up going bowling with haylo & some other people last night.
i didn't really know any of 'em but it was aight.
tomorrow.. i have to go to a titans game..

my thanksgiving was hard without my mom.

buut it was also my little cousin's bday.

& she makes us all smile.

i am SO thankful for my family.
&& f r i e n d s.

you guys are amazing.



November 23 2005
happy turkey

What a feeling in my soul, love burns brighter than sunshine &hearts;

November 19 2005
i just found this & thought it was really cute.

photo from likewhoaitschels

ohh to be young again..
no worries.
or responsibilities.
so innocent.
so pure.
sometimes i wish life would be a little easier at times.
i guess we can't always have what we want..
but the tough things in life make you stronger..
so  they  say..

dance, dance

November 14 2005
weekend was uhMAZING.

but not gonna write about it cuz i know you wont read it.
but life is good.
&& im happy.

[the video stopped working, sorry this entry is now pointless]

yeah thanx alot for all the remarks on the last post *cough*

November 11 2005
HAPPY weekend everybody.

hope it is l o v e l y. <3

feel the rain on your skin

November 08 2005
for some reason im in love with this song right now
&& idk why.

Staring At The Blank Page Before You,
Open Up The Dirty Window

Let The Sun Illuminate The Words That You Could Not Find
Reaching For Something In The Distance
So Close You Can Almost Taste It
Release Your Inhibitions

Feel The Rain On Your Skin
No One Else Can Feel It For You
Only You Can Let It In
No One Else, No One Else
Can Speak The Words On Your Lips
Drench Yourself In Words Unspoken
Live Your Life With Arms Wide Open
Today Is Where Your Book Begins
The Rest Is Still U n w r i t t e n.
--Natasha Bedingfield--

i put some new pics up so be sure & leave some remarks.

well i love you all.
have a gorgeous week.
& be safe.

save tha drama fo yo mama.

November 05 2005

ughhh its so lame when someone will say one thing
& then do the opposite.
then you do something they dont think is right
& they c o m p l e t e l y judge you for it..
then go around & talk about you like your some kind of
why cant someone just talk to you about it
& say it to your face.

sure ive made some mistakes in the past.
who hasn't?
& some i do wish i could erase.
but im only human.

everyone makes mistakes.
not just me.

wheres the forgiveness & grace?

why do people spread rummors??

is it just to make ourselves look good?

well it hurts.
& i HATE knowing that im being talked about.
its stupid.
& especially when i dont even know what ive done..

QUESTION 4 you guys:
why can't a guy & a girl be good friends & NOT be going out?
& why is it so wrong for them to talk if they're not together?

i just dont get it.

sorry about all this guys
but i had to get it out somewhere
&& ive had a really bad week.
i hope your weekend is going much better than mine.
be safe. <3

ps. please be praying for my friend audrey, her brother died wednesday night in a wreck. her week has been even worse. + her bday is sunday. its been rough.

6,470,818,671 billion people.

November 01 2005
          there are 6,470,818,671 people living
some are running scared, some are coming home
some get through the day by lying, others are just
now facing the truth, some are evil warring the good,
and some are good struggling with the evil.
six billion people in the world, six billion souls,
and   sometimes   all   youu   need   is   0NE.

so uhm.

...theres this boy...

& everytime i say his name...

...i can't help but smile =)


October 28 2005


i posted something on here
&& the html didnt work right i guess..
& i dont know how to delete a post.

haha thats sad.

 whats everyone up to this weekend??
im going to this thing my friends band is playing at..
 & thenn to the siegel/blackman game tonight

me bethy, sarahh & erica are having a girls night..
porlly be in lebnon most the time..
then sunday is the hoedown.

have a good night & be safe!! <3

[it gives you wingsss]

da na na na nanana BATMAN!!!!

October 24 2005

i need sleep. real bad.

mmmm burnt marshmallows.

October 16 2005
oh wow. this new phusebox stuff is the bomb diggity. i swear.

so the party went awesome friday night... erica was SO surprised.. & she knows about EVERYTHNG.. so the fact that she had no idea about this.. made it p e r f e c t.
some of the awesomest friends+DDRmax2=a GREAT night. hehe.

anyways. im going camping all next week. im not looking forward to the whole 'camping part of it" haha.. im way too girly for it.. but i guess i have no choice... Im gonna rough it. lol the good thing about it.. im gonna be hanging out with some of my friends i havent seen in a long time. ive missed them.. cant wait for the bon fires.. late nights.. s'mores.. "balleyball" & wonderful friends. <3

ive had ALOT of stuff on my mind lately thats been pretty stupid & depressing.. but i wanna keep this post happy. haha

i hope every one has a great week.
&& be safe.

love to you all<3

October 13 2005
wow. tuesday night was amazing.

Relient k just plain rocks.
no matter what anybody else says.
& mxpx was ok.. its cool to say i've seen them in concert since their so legendary.. haha but im not really into their music much..

i rode there with reese & courtney & her brother.. we hung out mostly with emily, stace, devin, his friend spencer, & seany bear. met a bunch of other people there too. very fun. but rocketown made you check your cameras & so i got 0 pictures :[

that reminds me.. i just posted some new pics.. comment them please.. i think they're feelling lonely :]

my friend just started this website thing called
.. its pretty cool & kinda like this thing but centered around music.. so check it out please :]

have a nice night/weekend & be safe.

btw, im throwing my friend a surprise party 2moro & the band just cancelled.. if anyone has a new idea of what i can do PLEASE lemme know.. haha im desperate..

& did you notice she was smiling?? haha&hearts;

October 10 2005
today was such an amazing day.
i love my friends so freakin much.

"I deleted parky for you" -Emily

"theres brachii on my pewter" -Chelle

"its not fun being bored by yourself, but with friends being bored is just another way to entertain us" -sarah


uh oh

October 09 2005
so the boredom has set in.
what shall i do?? ♥