Chelsey Montgomery


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ohh snap.

August 13 2006
i just windexed my car.

yes. windex.

can you get high off of that?

cause im pretty sure i just did. ahaha

me & sarah layed in the street & played airplanes tonight.

it was fun.

i havent been on here for a while.
there's really no reason.
but summer is over.
& im pretty sad.
it just wasnt what i expected.

i miss rocketown.
i havent been there in weeks.
i ihad mae/the spill canvas tickets;;
then got grounded = (

someone come see me.

before i go crazy.

my brother has a buncha friends over.

so its the house with all the cars.

you'll find it ;]

David Ambrose

October 05 2006
yep. had it for a while now. i even have a xanga and a facebook. i have a tagworld i don't use. i have something called bolt2, and then there was something else i started but i don't remember what it was called. it was supposedly better than myspace. lol