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all that i am.

May 23 2006
so basically, today was my mom's birthday.
i thought i was fine,
but apparently im not.
i know its good to cry,
but my head is killing me.

please pray for me.

i finally faced reality today.
& i feel like falling apart.
i feel somewhat deserted.
& quite strangely, scared.
scared of change,
scared of being hurt,
& scared of being lonely.

& worst of all, im sick of giving.
time & myself.

i know its all part of life;; but im just tired.

"everyone's looking around,
& wants to be found.
And im just hanging on,
i give you ALL THAT I AM.

& as a sit here,
in the midst of you,
i come to you,
i come with all that i am."

i miss her.

Michelle Waddell

May 23 2006
= ..parker and i pray for you every night..if it means anything to you...i love you!

Michelle Waddell

May 23 2006
ugh! it ALWAYS leaves out part of my comment... = [that was supposed to be at the beginning] ha


May 23 2006
I love my Chelsey. I'm here if you need me; Plus, it's about time for a wal*mart run!!!


May 28 2006
heh. <Br>I say that because I got up at 3:30 this morning and puked. <Br>it still burns, lol.


May 30 2006
I'd like that.