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May 06 2006
jazzfest was way fun last night.
hung out mostly with michelle. phillip. REESY!! emily & ben.
it was amazing<3
especially the b a l l o o n s.... ; )
& i made [2] wishes in the fountain.
= )


May 06 2006
hey.... I don't know if you remember me but we " homeschooled" together like a seriously long time ago... My name's Madison.... but yeah I remembered you so i thought i'd just say hi.... Madison

Nick Hawkins

May 06 2006
Yeah, jazzfest was amazing. I'm going again today. Nice to meet you finally.


May 06 2006
Hey girl, I was at jazzfest last night I can't believe I didn't see you sad well see ya later. Do you have school on monday or are you done. I have one class that I ahve to take but ya and you havent signed my yearbook so if you're are school on monday you so ahve to sign my yearbook. have an awesome day


May 07 2006
yeah... that's me! Madison

meredith taylor

May 08 2006
Hey! haven't talked to you in forever!!! I wish i could have gone to the jazz fest but i heard everyone that went had a blast! Have an amazing and wonderful week!!! Meredith