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i stole this from haylie bear. but you really should read it

April 26 2006
there's this army in Uganda, Africa
called the Lord's Resistance Army that has this leader who thinks he's
God...he abducts thousands of children everyday & not only trains
& brainwashes them to fight in his war, but also uses them as sex
slaves. there are some shelters in Africa that these children go to
every night to hide from these warriors that come & abduct them.
they walk up to five miles (2 hours every night) & cram themselves
in these tiny shelters basically fearing that they're gonna die any

these three college guys found out about it &
decided to go to Uganda & make a documentary about it...they put
together this thing called the "invisible children" because nobody
really cares about these kids & kinda overlook them like they're
invisible. they have bracelets and newsletters to try & raise money
for this cause.

this Saturday they are holding a walk in 130
cities around America...if we get 75,000 people signed up for this
walk, the USA's government will do something about it.

it's this
Saturday (April 29th) & the closest place near us is in Franklin.
we meet at the Target in Franklin (by Cool Springs Mall) & walk
five miles to the People's Church & camp out there for the night
simulating what the children do every night sort of like a wake up call
for our government.

Be there.
sign up at
spread the word. ya heard?


April 26 2006
Well if it's about children don't you think they should take care of it in the first place?


April 26 2006
I love you!<br> are you going to it?


April 27 2006
awh. well that's cool too:]<br> I love you Chelsey!