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i want a puppy...?

April 25 2006
so im not sure why i update this thing,
no one really comments..
but, here i am again.. haha

4 more weeks then school's out.
that makes me really really happy.
i cant wait for this summer.
its going to be i n c r e d i b l e..

i had a pretty sucky weekend..
but saturday was ok..
-drove around with bart, emily, & emily all day.
-went to lebanon & saw bethy & sarah & john
- hung out with chris
THEN i got home & got my car taken away = (

but yeah i get it back friday just in time ; )

hope everyone has a good week.

<33 chels


April 26 2006
I've been meanin to call you this week. because i miss my Chelsey. but I've got West Side Story rehearsal everyday now for the next 2weeks. and it's like school;home;food;school;sleep. mucho tiring. oh well i gotta go get ready for school. I love you darling=)