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February 22 2006
so basically the rest of the week is going to r o c k.

tomorrow im at erica's all day, then going to moe's with emily & then we're going to meet up with some people at bonhoeffer's to see finding steve cunningham & echosflow its gonna be lovely = ]

friday- babysiting [money, money] then going out with the girls <3

saturday night- hanging out with rachel at cafe express

sunday- church, then that night is MAE!!!!!!

yeah im pretty excited = ]

hope everyone else has a great weekend too!!! <3


February 25 2006
probably, but i don't know if i'll be home tonight, i might have to spend the night at my aunts...and that means no church in the morning.

Lin-Z HackneY

February 25 2006
yes mam that was me... chris is such a whore..he pushed me down the steps cause i wouldnt give him a caught me though...<3


February 26 2006
ahhhh. it was so cool talking to you.