Chelsey Montgomery


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i feel EMOtional.

February 19 2006
i really dont think this week/weekend can get any worse..
if it does, i might cry.... again.
im really tired of this. = (

Ryan Conley

February 19 2006
Don't cry! I'm sorry about your weekend, but at least you get to laugh at people singin kaorake tom night! (and me if I play ha!)

Garrett Haynes

February 19 2006
Be encouraged! Jeremiah 29:11

Teresa Smith

February 19 2006
Call me if you need to talk. "I can do all things in Him who strengthens me." I love love love you. Don't be sad. Rise above the hurt, pain, and suffering...disapointment whatever it is that's keeping you down--put a REAL smile on your face and show the world your amazing happiness. ♥

Michelle Waddell

February 19 2006
poo = ... ill see you tomorrow lovely!