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January 24 2006
you ever known something about someone & wanted to talk to that
person about it but couldn't because you weren't really supposed to
know it in the first place?
what did you do??

i found something out not too long ago about someone that care alot about..

we're not as close as we used to be, but still i care.

when i found out i was completely shocked.
i dont know what to do.
it makes me sick to think about.
&& now i've lost alot of respect for this person.
but its impossible for me to tell anybody.


courtney kelley

January 24 2006
i know EXACTLY what you mean, and the only thing you can really do about it is pray. Pray pray pray....


January 24 2006
um, for some reason , I think I know what ur friend does, bc u sound like how i felt when i found out one of my best friends does something , i may be wrong about ur friend and her problem , but yeh i have been in that situation with one of my best friends, well if u know that person is kinda getting help , then wait for that person to tell u they have a problem or whatever, and if they arent getting enough help u think they should be getting then confront them that u heard that they have a "problem" , bc even if u end up without that person as a friend later on , at least they will be ok in the end , and u never know u may have just heard that and it not be true , but does that kinda make sense? ... if not post me back ....hope things get better ...ttyl -sarah-

Michael Cavopol

January 24 2006
honestly the best thing to do would be to be upfront with the person that youve lost respect for..... though it may be weird at the moment, later it wont be something thats always in the way...even if you dont want to be associated with said person anymore

Michelle Waddell

January 25 2006
this is gonna be the SUCKIEST remark ever. . . because i have no idea what to tell you = ( EXCEPT! i can't wait to see you tonight! yayyyy! have fun at melissas ; ) <3 you gal!

Ben Pearcy

January 25 2006
i just dealt with the exact same thing. if you haev any questions i am here to talk to. it was tough for me but i imagine its a little bit different situation and yours could probably turn out better. Ben

Aaron Roan

January 26 2006
Respect is a thing hard to gain and easy to lose. Just pray about whatever it is and hope that God can give you better advide than myself.