Cool Game

July 16 2006
Several years ago, I installed Red Hat Linux on a computer to learn how to use Linux. In the process, I found this simple, yet addictive game bundled into the Operating System called Frozen Bubble (combine Pinball and Bejeweled).

Fast forwarding to last week, I found a Windows version of the game =). If anyone would like to try it, it can be downloaded from the link below:

Follow the instructions in the install-instructions text file and enjoy.

If you are a Mac user, a version of Frozen Bubble for Mac OS X 10.3.* and higher can be downloaded from the link below:


July 17 2006
Thanks but I would really hate to borrow something like a computer. I need to get the Mac pretty soon anyways since I'll be needing it for class before too long. But hey, if you have any suggestions on how to free up space on my C drive until this video mess is over with that would be great!


November 21 2006
Thanks, though I hope they aren't bad.