Cool Game

July 16 2006
Several years ago, I installed Red Hat Linux on a computer to learn how to use Linux. In the process, I found this simple, yet addictive game bundled into the Operating System called Frozen Bubble (combine Pinball and Bejeweled).

Fast forwarding to last week, I found a Windows version of the game =). If anyone would like to try it, it can be downloaded from the link below:

Follow the instructions in the install-instructions text file and enjoy.

If you are a Mac user, a version of Frozen Bubble for Mac OS X 10.3.* and higher can be downloaded from the link below:

Logo/Mascot Quiz

June 08 2006
If you have Microsoft Excel, try the quiz below and post your score.

I was able to get 43 / 50 before Googling the rest.



January 18 2006

The view from my apartment earlier this morning.