October 28 2006

So Carla totally put this up and I figured I'd do it too.  What the heck, right?  I have plenty of tunes on iTunes, so I guess I'm a good candidate.  Check her blog for the rules.  Basically, you just start you iTunes on shuffle and hit next after each category.  Here goes...

Opening Credits
My Love--Justin Timberlake (don't laugh)

Waking Up
Little Sister--Queens of the Stone Age

First Day at School
Blue Orchid--The White Stripes

Breaking up
Lose Control--Missy Elliot

Let Forever Be--The Chemical Brothers

Life's Okay

Mental Breakdown
Wandering Stars--Portishead

Dollars & Cents--Radiohead

Something in the Way--Nirvana

Getting Back Together
Get Up--Ciara

She Blinded Me with Science--Thomas Dolby (will not be played during my own wedding, I assure you...maybe at the reception, though)

Birth of a Child
Kid A--Radiohead

Final Battle
Where's Your Head At--Basement Jaxx

Death Scene

Funeral Song
Our Faces Split the Coast in Half--Broken Social Scene

So Long  
Date with the Night--Yeahyeahyeahs