the very first day of school.

August 11 2005
the official ending of summer.
i got to drive to school and then out to eat.
which isn't that big of a deal to anyone but me.

i think my classes this year are going to be good.
except for the fact that i have 2nd lunch and we don't get to pick our lockers.
however, i got lucky and got friends in all my classes.
and you guys are probably wondering, "who is he this time?"
but a good mystery never hurt anybody.

but all in all, i'm looking forward to this year.
and best of all, my mom isn't making me get a job. or well, not really.


August 11 2005

Stephanie Levine

August 12 2005
I have 2nd lunch too. Sophie, Andrea, Rachel Ro., Jane( i think)all have 2nd too.

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

August 12 2005
Hooray for having Chem together! Although, I was sure we were going to get Martin as our teacher...oh, well. Mrs. Upton seems cool.


August 12 2005
yeah, i'm liking my classes this year so far, especially 1st english...haha, mystery's fun.