February 21 2006
here's the dealio. my dad took my computer to get it fixed cuz it was messed up. and now it won't let me have aim. i'm very angry. cuz that was how i kept in touch with all of my friends from lavergne. i miss them terribly. not that i don't LOVE ya'll i just miss them alot. yea so i'm kinda depressed at this moment. i just wish that i could have my aim. i never realized it but i guess it was my security blanket.i mean when i missed someone from lavergne or sumthin. i would get online and talk to them if they were on. ( i kno it's stupid i could just call them right) well ne way i didn't realize that the computer kept ppl so intouch. untill of course that is... i didn't have aim to keep me in touch. wow i feel stupid typing this. i shoud just delete it and then all would be well right? idk. i guess i better get it out of my head somewhere.k well i'll b doing homework, and not talking to any of my friends that i haven't seen in over half a year and miss horribly.



February 28 2006
Hey girl WOW it was amazing to see you on here I was like WOW but hey its a great site. lol Hey do you know Kaitlin Gay? Cause she's like my awesome amazing friend.

Candace Bolden

February 28 2006
hey girl haven't talked in forever. So how's it goin? well ummm i hope everything is goin good. Well ttyl love ya