January 10 2006

a true friend knows how completely retarted you are, but chooses to be seen with you ne way. ! lol how true!!

<3 always,


just for your f.y.I

what the bible says about school.

(dictionary def.)

school-an institution for the instruction or education of children or young people

( our def.)

school- a place where teens have to learn stuff adults never use but say teens will need someday.


" whatever you do whether in world or deed, do it all in the name of the lord jesus, giving thanks to god the father through him " colossians 3:17

" tell the righteous it will be well with them for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds"

isaiah 3:10

" god helps those who help themselves"

i forget the verse lol o well

read these and see if they pertain to anything in your school life. i kno they do to mine.

( more of these to come including " what the bible says about dating, siblings, stress,and more stay tuned!!! lol )