daily struggles

March 20 2006

so .. last night I sent an emotional email to an acquaintance trying to sway her view of church, the establishment, and the importance of worship to grow in faith. unfortunately this is (as far as i can remember) the most intimately i have ever gotten to being a missionary for christ and it really got me fired up. i am so anxious to hear back from her and see what she thought of the words i sent. i hope they spoke to her heart because i know they came directly from mine.

at church service on sunday the message was "a life of thank you" ..

*be consistent in thanking GOD

*spend time in PRAYER thanking god for others.

*Be consistent in thanking OTHERS

  ..... I feel that my lack of want to show emotions towards others continually holds me back from offering gratitude and appreciation. dont get me wrong .. I AM soooo APPRECIATIVE of all that i have in my life. but, it is SO hard for me to express it. sometimes i feel like that puts me in a position for vulnerability.

I guess I have to accept the fact that being vulnerable is what places you at others level and allows you to truly open up and experience a relationship with others.

people are flawed .. they will let you down but luckily God is always there to lift you up. if you let him .. if you seek him.

-i want to work on my daily walk with Christ .. DAILY being the key word there. i need consistency in my faith. too many times i call on him in times of need, resist him in times of temptation and neglect him in times of joy.-

hmm. interesting.

March 14 2006

 My first official blog. EXCITING.

I am officially thinking that we are the coolest people ever.

  and well...i think you are jealous :)