Alas and did my Savior bleed

November 15 2005

I am realizing how unworthy I am of all that Christ has done.

School for two more days

then i have a break

then finals.

And BOOM. My first semiester of College down the drain. Amazing.

Not so confused

July 14 2005
Today I worked, and tomorrow I work a double. A flippin double! But Derek's sister is coming into town tomorrow night, and she is staying with NONE OTHER than me! How exciting!


July 13 2005
I have nothing to say other than I am really confused.


July 08 2005
My boyfriend's band, West End, began their tour this morning and were headed down to Panama City Beach, FL for their first show when all of a sudden...van problems. So now they're stuck in South Georgia with not enough money and no working van. And a hurricaine. Pray for safety for them all. I know I will be.

Oh Lord, give me boldness. So many times I have opportunities to be Your voice, but I stifle the Spirit trying to cry out. Thank You for always forgiving me with open arms. I give You free range today and all days, God, to be as loud as you want to be in me. If you want to shout from the rooftops or whisper almost inaudibly, I will be faithful. I just want Your Will to be done in my life, and through my life.

Until next time.

Boys are stupid

July 07 2005
I love my boyfriend, but boys are stupid. They are clueless, girls. They have no idea. If you want something to be done or NOT done, you really have to just tell them. They can't read your mind, and they can't just magically understand everything. I think that if you learn this, your life with men will be all the much easier.

Oh Lord, give me grace towards others. I am so ungraceful when it comes to others mistakes. Allow me some kind of divine ability to give grace like you do. Thank you for always loving me. My worth in You so far exceeds anything I could ever fathom, and I can confidently say that it doesn't matter if other people in my life care about me even a little bit, because You are my hope, and You are my confidence. Restore my joy today, Lord. You are so worthy to be rejoiced in.

And with that, I'm out.