November 29 2005

Hey so yea I've broken up with Robbie...and its day 3 of the horrible going on without him stage. It's completely awful but so was him cheating on me with my friend. I just have to remind myself of that. But yea...I really miss him, like a ton. And I KNOW he feels like crap, and I don't want him too, but i know that he deserves it, I just don't want him to deserve it. Yah know? But yah so its crazy, and I just wish that he never cheated on me so I didnt have to walk alone at school or with a friend a think that it could be and used to be him that I would walk with or to. It sucks because he isn't there waiting anymore for me. Amd I want him to be there. As weird as that sounds. Most people hate the guy after he cheats on her, but Ijust keep on loving him, how odd.  So Im sitting in chemistry class watching Philip do his homework from 2 weeks ago! lol...have an awesome day you guys! Love Kristi....

~I'm so scared that the way that  I feel is written all over my face. When you walk into the room I wanna find a hiding place. We used to laugh we used to cry, the way that old friends do, but now the smile and the touch of your hand just makes me come unglued. (well we dont smile or even look at each other. much less touch hands. ) :-(