Quote of the Week

March 14 2006

"If you was hit by a truck, and you were lying out in
that gutter, dying, and you had time to sing one song. One song that would let
God know what you felt about your time here on earth. One song that would sum
you up, that's the kinda song that truly saves people."

 - Walk the Line



March 04 2006
You are .*	 You are a wildcard.  You are everything to everybody.  You can't make up your mind as to what you want to be.

hmm...me...indecisive?  never!

Quote of the Week

February 20 2006
"This season has gotten so sour that UofL, UK and IU fans have stopped taking shots at one another. They're A) embarrassed; B) really embarrassed; or c) asleep."
     -Rick Bozich, Courier Journal

new quote of the week

February 15 2006
this is from my wonderful dani

mustang cobra?  honey...they're like 2 totally different animals.   they don't go together.

fortunately dani is wrong and they do go together and are beautiful!!

yes i realize thats not a cobra but it's the only pic of a mustang i had on here

quote of the week

February 15 2006
I want fufuberry!! ---erin

Singles Awareness Day

February 14 2006
Hapy Singles Awareness Day!!  This was in one of Rachael's blogs and I really like it:

"When I close my eyes and throw my head back with laughter As I
step up to dance with you, my tiny hand in your infinite one. My steps
so clumpsy compared to your grace. The music begins and we step onto
the floor my grip tightens, Knowing I will fall but also knowing that
you will guide me. And the music swells roaring in my ears until I am so enrapture That I can't look at anyone but you.
My hands and feet are poised for the next step, my head up, A smile of
love on my face, and my eyes locked with yours... And then maybe, maybe
then I will not even notice when you turn to one of your sons and
invite him to dance with me."

Our God truly is an awesome God!!!

Quote of the Week

January 30 2006
"Who needs a boyfriend?  I got my girlfriends, and when we get together the summer never ends."
- Jessica Andrews

quote of the week

January 22 2006



January 15 2006
The season premiere of 24 was tonight!!!  finally!!!!!  the rest of it is tommorrow so watch it!!!  i love 24!!!!!

24 and other stuff!

January 15 2006
im going back to school tommorrow.  sashsa skated wonderfully!  24 comes on in 18 hours and 36 minutes!!!!!!  and i will definately be watching!!!  o and if you feel compelled to, theres a fun little bloggy thing on my my myspace that you should comment on!!

Lots of Stuff

January 12 2006
On Christmas day my car got to 10,000 miles!!!!
I thought I could get home before it got to 10,001, but it changed right when I turned onto my street.  So that was fun...
I've spent most of the break working.  I worked at KBC for like 2 weeks doing different stuff.  And I worked at JCC.  So now I don't have to work anymore!! Yay!!  And I'm going back to school on Sunday and I'm going to watch the season premiere of 24!!!  It's supposed to be awesome--with two explosions!!  I so can't wait!  We're having a meeting for SLT on Monday.  I cait wait to see what God has planned for the BSU (aka BCM) this semester!! Erin got some fun curlers, so we had to play with them.  Look how gorgeous she is!!!
Starbucks is yummy!!  Santa brought me a gift certificate...of course, it's gone now!  But I think they should have the peppermint mocha frappucino all year cuz it's some yummidelisiousness!!
O and I found some of my senior pictures, so they're on here now!! Yay!  I'm going to the UK game on Saturday!!  I really hope they figure out how to play basketball by then...   And I love this picture!! hehe!


January 10 2006
so i felt like writing something but i dont really have much to say...  i worked today...you would really be surprised how many highland baptist churches there are in kentucky!  lol  anyway...its really smoky in here...my dad built a fire...hmm..im allergic to smoke.  24 starts on sunday!  ginger got spaghetti on my sock...i guess it was kinda funny.  um...i guess thats about it.   if you havent read erin's blog, some random guy asked her out yesterday hehe!! that greatly amuses me!!  have a great day!!!


January 07 2006
i finally went skating today!!  and i can still do my jumps and spins!! yay!!  i think im gonna try to go again next week!  o and it snowed a little...well ok...it barely snowed, but i say it still kinda counts!!
hey!  go look at my myspace!!  i changed a lot of stuff on it and it's a lot more fun now!! 
ginger got a haircut today and she has a cute bandana on that has little frogies on it!!!


January 05 2006
11 days!!


January 04 2006
so i got bored and started deleting some of my groups cuz i realized that i was in about 140 and thats just a lot.  anyway...wireless internet is awesome!!  o and even though i dont like ...go look at mine!!  theres a mustang on it!! 



January 03 2006

anybody else excited yet??


January 02 2006
i wanna go ice skating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my skates probably fogot what ice is!!! its sad...i havent been since august


January 02 2006

The countdown...

December 31 2005
15 days!!!!!!!!

frog giggin

December 31 2005
mk...so christina and audrey informed me that frog giggin is like a kentucky tradition or something.  then they told me what it is....i just dont see why anyone would wanna put a fork in a frog...thats just wrong!!!  anyway....happy new year!!! 
elephant poo!!! hehe!!