my first phusebox blog entry... craziness i know

September 13 2005
ive tried updating a couple of times, but been frustrated. First with not really knowing how i felt enough to put it into words, and im not sure that i even do now, its getting there though. and second, my good friends, the ones that call and are apart of my life know all the things that i would write on here anyways right? how impersonal and lazy is it for them to only know what i feel and whats going on with me by reading it on a website?

but i did want to share a part of an email from one of my professors, it was really encouraging in my present situation, but i also think life in general. all my profs have called and emailed to check on me, how cool is that? I do miss tha community. but obvioulsy God has us scattered around the south east for some divine purpose that i can not even imagine, but anywho:

"but they(school/falcutly) were also praying that our students will have an impact in our city and nation and that we will see the mighty hand of God at work. Its like when the Israelites picked up suddenly and left Egypt. We are even getting blessed with gifts (as the Egyptians gave to the Israelites). I want to go to that deeper place with God, I desire to follow Him from Egypt to the Promised land; I hope that I will be satisfied with picking up manna for the next stage of the journey and not complain about how good I had it in Egypt."
- Ortiz

hmmm how bout that :)