please pray for...

August 26 2006

my baby cousin jayden.

he isnt even one year old yet.

and he had a seisor [sp?]

he was in the hospital the other day.

but is now at home.

but please just pray for him and his parents(my moms cousin && wife). [Juda && Joyce]

his aunt, joy [my moms cousin] and her parents [my moms uncle && aunt] went to georgia today to go see him.

i havent heard anything about how he is doing except that he is home now.

but i just ask you to pray for this babies health.

and that he will recover and be all right again.

God Bless.

beth cooper

August 26 2006
aww hes so cute. ill keep him in my prayers. ( :


August 27 2006
I'll pray for him Kells =). <3 u