no tax is fun.

August 06 2006

shopping is so much funner without sales tax.

today i spent $99.08.


1 pair of flip flops.

1 pair of black pumps.

7 shirts.

1 jacket.

and 3 pairs of jeans.

im pretty excited.

cause its all cute stuff.

and i didnt go over my $100 dollar budget.

my parents were like well we spent like over 500 bucks for us to go to HLUB. [200 for me && my sister && another like 200-300 for like stuff for the trip there, while we were there, && on the trip back && also for like food there && stuff. yeah.] so apperently this year we had a bugdet for like the first couple of weeks of school clothes, and that was 100 bucks. and i think i got a lot out of that 100 bucks.

usually 1 pair of jeans is like 70, but no this time i had to learn how to budget && not spend all my parents money on a pair of jeans or something.

budgeting is hard. i dont like it. but im proud of myself for getting as much stuff as i could out of 100 dollars. :D