should i invite her too? or not....

July 21 2006

ok. tomorrow night, a bunch of girls from church are ganna spend the night.

lindsey. skyler. lisa. angela. maybe joy && tasha if they want.

but there my pastors daughter lindsay.

ok, so basically thats like ALMOST all the girls in our youth group spending the night at my house.

so i feel bad not inviting lindsey crank.

but if we invite her that means we cant do like anything at all....

that means we cant talk about like relationships and stuff. or guys. or like just stuff u talk about at girl sleepovers cause she isnt aloud to like talk about that kinda stuff or something.

and that means the only movies we can watch are PG or G movies.

and we always like do each others hair && make up and stuff just cause, but like her hair, not to be mean but, is like different. its hard to to anything to,and she isnt aloud to wear make up so she is just kinda there anyways.

like all of us girls like get along GReAT. we are all like REALLY good friends. cause we all have the same morals, but have different personalities so we get along great. but how she is is just different from us. so its like we have nothing to talk about with her so its just weird sometimes.

so i dont know if i should call her and ask her if she wants to spend the night or not. so help please?



July 21 2006
Well I think u may should invite her if , I know this sounds mean , but if she doesnt have that many friends , maybe this would help her. And maybe she just comes off as a lil weird/shy person , ur friends and you may never be able to like talk about stuff yall normally talk about right then, but it may help her u know. Like you never know she could just come off as shy , and u think would'nt talk about the stuff of whatever yall talk about, but maybe that is it , that she just needs to get to know everybody. But I mean the next night ur friends and you could still do something, but I think its really nice and sweet of u to think about inviting her.. I think you should :). But whatever you chose to do is cool , cause I mean you thought of inviting her, and that is already nice of u , u know. kk well I gots to go ... but get back to me on what ya do :) <3 ya girl ~ sarah