boys are stupid.

July 14 2006

boys are so dumb sometimes.

like today, gnia [my cousin] called me from his girlfriend tasha [she is like really pretty, like naturally pretty. seriously. and really sweet and fun to have sleep over with, well atleast when there are like 10 ppl. lol.] cell. and i missed the call. caller her but really him back.

he wanted me to walk to the sprinkle park which is across the from my house.

i was like uh no. why would i?

then he told me love 89, our christian radio station in knoxville was ganna be there, which i went online and they were ganna be there.

but i was like uh idk what that is, what he wanted me to get from them. itts like one of those stickers for ur car, but he used some other word, so i was like ok whatever bye.

so like 15 mins later i decided to go.

and they were giving like paper stuff away so i was like whatever and we walked around and went and got icees at the gas station, well driving home from the gas station we were listening to love 89 and they were talking about the sprinkle park. and then i figured out that they WERE giving away those things he wanted. haha. but i didnt stand in line and get one. lol.

so he got mad at me. sorta, but not really, he was just being sarcastic. like usual.

he should have just gone himself. lol.

boys are stupid, and ask girls to do things for them, when they should just do it themselves if they think the girl is ganna mess it up. duh. lol.


July 15 2006
yeh they were amazing!!!.. i love them!


July 16 2006
wat the heck ... why would he even get mad, your were like doin him a favor. and yes i totally agree with u , boys are jerks, or stupid haha. ok well ttyl ~ :)