picturesssss :D

July 13 2006

symon && me before the wedding.

lindsey && me at angelas getting ready for the wedding.

skyler && me getting ready at angelas before the wedding.

tasha && me before the wedding at angelas.

skyler && me again at angelas.

me && em[ily] at the wedding at night after the fireworks.

me && austin at church sunday while we were watching a movie in the nursery during service.

me && em again.

me && em and our fishy faces at chuck e cheese after church for jj's 5th birthday.

me && isaiah at chuch e cheese after church for jjs 5th birthday.


July 13 2006
<b> cute. </b>


July 13 2006
I LOVE CHUCKE CHEESE! those pics were so adorable!