September 25 2005
i know no one reads this but...oh well. college is a lot of fun. im beginning to realize though that its more than just about having a good time. im trying to figure out what i wanna do. im undeclared right now. which is why im at mtsu in the first place...since im not doin music at lipscomb. im trying to decide what i enjoy the most....and what i would love to do. yea i love singing but its not going to be my profession. im leaning towards a few things that i never thought of before. i love all my classes...or like all my classes...except for math. i hate that class. but i really really like english. I miss a lot of people right now...especially my best friend. I know shes havin a blast in Florida and part of me wishes i could be there havin a blast too. im already planning my trip down there to see her!!

i didnt really know how id handle moving out...but i actually like living in the dorms..i dont ever have a desire to come home but i still do on sundays to see my parents and do laundry. im not getting up to go to church on sundays anymore. its bothering me a lot...im going on mondays to RFC but its still really bothering me. i have a desire to go but its like i have absolutely no energy left by sunday.

ive met a loootttt of people though..a lot of really awesome people. the boy situation...um...haha theres a few of those. im havin fun and i guess thats what counts...but none of them are really what i want...or as good as im used to. maybe one day though.

well i got a paper to write...im sure no one read this because it was boring as crap but i figured everyone was tired of reading about "hot dogs". i hope yall's weekend has been fabulous!! adios

Anna Miller

September 25 2005
I read it! I'm glad you're coming to RFC. Woman, you need to come to church, lol. Even Kyle is coming, haha. I haven't been to Sunday school in a month though. . . I'm not too sure what I'm going to do about that.

Garrett Haynes

September 25 2005
go to church! its the most important thing! statistics say that 95% of all college students stop going to church when they get out of high school. u don't wanna be part of that 95% do ya?

Rachel Tenpenny

September 25 2005
oh my goodness, even I go to church!!! and im a music major which means...i have no life, and my dorm is the music building. i love you!!! boy situation..yea we gotta talk lol

Rachel Chase

September 26 2005
aw! i hope God gives you the energy to get to church soon! boyz...

Rachel Tenpenny

September 27 2005
aww kat its ok! i love you. i'll give you a call if i ever have the chance!!!