February 09 2006

Yesterday was interesting...
My friend entered in a contest to be the opening act for U2's concert on Feb 21st, or maybe it's the 20th?? I'm so excited for him and the band. I can't wait to hear if they made the top 3 or not. IF they do, everyone on here will be required to vote for them. (it's an on-line thing) it will be awesome!!!They're supposed ot find out on like Feb 15th or something like that. It's a crazy awesome oppurtunity. If they get to be the opening act then they also get a chance to win a record deal. Music is his passion and if it means that he'll be leaving us to become some big rock star, i'd still love to see him do it! even though i'd be very very sad..
Enough of that. My nephew is offically 11weeks and 2days. My goodness he's big and adorable.
Now I gotta do some actual school work, adios people.



February 09 2006
Was it Aric or someone else?