Dear Class of 2010.....freshman....

July 13 2006
: Dear Freshmen... you're the lowest of the low,

Here are just a few helpful words of advice:

1) You are Not cool.

2) Everyone Does Hate You.

3) You are annoying.

- Do not wear ripped jeans and an Abercrombie shirt because you want to make "a variety of friends."

- Do not slick your bangs to your face and wear "bracelets" in you're ears because you think that you're Hood.

- Sex doesn't make you cool, and if you do have sex don't tell anyone. Nobody cares, really.

- You are a F-R-E-S-H-M-A-N.. not a "Freshie".. shut up you sound gay.

- Don't think you're smart because you filled up water bottles with
vodka and snuck it onto your 8th grade field trip. We've all done it..
so don't be proud.

- Don't try the Emo scene. Just don't do it.

- DO NOT think that the upperclass girls/guys are your best friends.

- Don't think that you have privacy now that you're in high school.
Once you're here, your business is everyone's business, yes there IS
still drama, probably even more.

- Don't try to sit at upperclassmen lunch tables. You will be picked up and thrown onto the floor.

- You'll never be as hott as the '07, '08, and '09 ppL. So don't try.

- Don't try to act older than you really are. The way you walk, dress, and talk just has freshman written all over you.

- You're "The Class of '10'" haha.. enough said.

-If you are black, hispanic, etc. WE GET IT, You love your country!
Thats peachy but dont make everything a race related issue because your
poo still stinks.

-PLEASE NO MORE XXXXL shirts and ridiculously baggy pants on skinny
white kids, nobody likes white chocolate. Allow me to kick you in the
face.***haha my fav***

- If you are going to try and rebel, it most likely won't work.

- Dont tell everyone you love your boyfriend after 2 days, your an idiot

- Girls, dont start shit with upperclassmen girls, dont be opinionated
of upperclassmen girls, dont even LOOK at upperclassmen girls

- Upperclassmen are smarter than you

- Upperclassmen will kick your ass

- Though upperclassmen may laugh with you, secretly, we're laughing AT
you. And some of us will do it in your face, myself included

- Don't be a slut. This should be the number one rule.

- DO NOT crowd our halls like cattle, because the upper classmen can
(& most likely will), push you out of the way. You will get hurt.

- Don't try to get with a boy/girl who's older than you. Chances are,
if they are attractive they are taken, & their girlfriend/boyfriend
will have no problem effing you up.

Welcome to hell.

Believe me---You can't win. Have fun being a freshman...for a fun-filled year with no life and no opinion whatsoever.

good luck!!


-The Classes of '07, '08, and '09

Sarah Vermillion

July 14 2006
Ahhh, I can see a bright future ahead of you as an instructor in JROTC next year. : p

♥ inthemiddleofabreakdown.

July 17 2006
ha. i just randomly ran across this and it's hilarious. i'm a senior this year. ha. stupid freshman,