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February 12 2006

i was going to say this before graham waved his white flag but it is as follows....

Today Graham Withers officially resigned at his post on Phusebox. After being out numbered by logical, realistic, sports savvy fans (i.e. John Weber, Kevin Spradlin) he could take no more. After all who could, if you are one of these people that should consider resigning and/or shutting up then take this simple quiz.

1) Does your team suck?

2) If so, do you still defend them?

2a) WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

3) Can they buy a win at home?

4) Do they play anybody?

5) Did their star player recently miss at least 3 key shots that would have put them in a position to win?

6) Is their Rival's conference a heck of alot harder than theirs?

7) Did their savior ditch them to coach for their rival's team?

8) Do you have a big stupid blue wig?

9) Does your name begin with a G and end with something that rhymes with ham?

And finally 10)  Are you still reading this?

Please take a moment to fill these out and attach to remark.

In conclusion lets just think of Graham, and wonder, how you could be so wrong, so many times. Then count your blessings because you're not retarded. It is a sad story of a poor boy, that has come to a close.

- John Weber

JRW NEWS 2/12/06


February 13 2006
and didn't UK beat UL? oh yeah ...they did!!!


February 13 2006
see john... why dont you start making fun of kim because she is still defending uk


February 13 2006
haha john this is the funniest thing ever. man that is good. i like the JRW NEWS. truley a sad story come to a sad end. and kim weve already covered the whole uk beat uofl thing. know your facts lol


February 14 2006
John I think you need to get "JRW NEWS" to do a nice little report on the spectacular performane by that wonderful Kevin Spradlin kid, and the .... "iffy" return of John lol jk you did good too you got the assist on that first 3 I hit lol


February 24 2006
i didnt think we were going to get in to this anymore john, because we both cant talk.


March 16 2006
haha! that would be awesome...maybe they get donuts when im at school and then hide them when i come home, cuz i've never seen any of them.

John Weber

April 10 2006
haha nice touch with the JRW NEWS even tho kevin already covered that haha love you!


April 10 2006
last time i checked, chelsea was the only one that called me soft cheeks john.


April 28 2006
ok sorry my bad, i was logged on as john, and i left the remark 2 up from this one, so just to let u all kno, i love john, haha it's not himself saying he loves himself, u need to leave another message baby, i love you!