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January 24 2006

hey well ive got a bball game tonight with church, im feeling a win, i feel alot better (from pulling my groin 2 weeks ago), and i dono if tylers playing, but were not gonna go 0-3, i dono, i feel good about it, but we def need some support, so come on be a cheerleader tonight at 7 15, westport rd baptist church, i hope to see a buncha people there, im at school now, so i dont have the schedule, but ill post it up here soon, so come out and watch us, itll be fun, cyall later


(on behalf of the smbc bball team, haha)


January 24 2006
good job john way to promote the team lol. and yeah were definatly winnin tonight


January 24 2006
but actually i was just kidding about that remark. next game when we get tyler back though, definatly gonna win

John Weber

January 26 2006
yeah we got it, btw everyone we lost, cuz yall didnt come out and support us, so thanks its all your fault, jp, but yeah tyler will be back, come see us in 2 weeks,


February 01 2006
So john.. ill give you this... it wasnt my fault that you guys are in the big east... its also not my fault that you all had the weakest schedule in the nation, the first half of the year, and are playing really good teams now.. maybe your coach should have scheduled some real teams instead of highschool teams for you all to feel proud of yourself with... I also cant help that the sec DOES suck this year... and we still beat you guys

John Weber

February 02 2006
whatever, obviously its not your fault were in the big east, i was just saying that we play alot harder teams, so dont even get me that, you guys barely beat central florida, since when were they a power house? i know we didnt play good teams at first and i thought that was a bad idea since your freshman werent ready for uk in rupp, but now i realize (through maturity)that it might be our only chance to get to get to march madness so ill take it, anyways about our schedule, i dont remember you guys playing what 4 top 10 teams, or 6-7 top 25, so dont tell me our schedule is easy, especially not easiest in the nation, so anywasy i know you beat us but weve gotten alot better


February 11 2006
wow. i need to read your remarks more lol i just saw that one by graham. well i left my responce to it on his phusebox so go check it out. ya know im really gettin tired of him lol.