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wisconsin state

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christian, um rock?, bout anything

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the bible, woo hoo, haha

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sweet 16

December 17 2005

well i got my permit, and a digital camera and 50 bucks so far, and i love driving, i go everywhere now, haha but the test was so easy it was like if you are drunk you a. drive better, b. drive worse, c. it doesnt matter, hmm i wonder, or maybe this one, if a pedestrian is crossing the street you a. hit em (swerve around em), b. honk your horn so they know youre there, c. stop and let them cross safely, i was just like wow, this is a joke, i missed 3 outta 40 questions like following distances of an emergency vehicle, so if youre driving an emergency vehicle watch out if im behind you cuz i dono where im supposed to be, haha anyways im bouta get outta here and go to the pub, seriously, my moms playing there on piano with somebody on handbells, haha so cyall later


John Weber

January 20 2006
thanks everyone for wishing me happy bday, i just noticed that, ouch